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Job Number 13-001343
Post Date 01/14/2013
Job Title Assistant Store Manager - Dry - bloom
Positions Available 1
Operating Company Bloom
Full/Part Time Status Full-Time
FLSA Status Exempt (Salary)
Location Store #01535 -- UPPER MARLBORO
Address 5715 CRAIN HWY
State MD
Description Job Title: Assistant Store Manager - Dry - bloom

Responsible for delivering the Brand Position in an assigned Concept store in Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, Scan, and Health & Beauty Care (HBC) departments. Optimistically leads new Concept store team through constantly changing environment, expectations, and operating plans. Seeks and provides feedback on the performance of the Brand Position as it is implemented by the Department to the Store Manager & Concept Renewal Team. Serves as Manager on Duty, performing all of the responsibilities of the Store Manager when he or she is not present. Responsible for assisting the Store Manager with the day-to-day operations of the entire store and delivery on the Brand Position. Serves as a model for customer service and instills this value in associates. Manages, develops and empowers associates to ensure adherence to Standard Practices. Provides leadership and motivation within the store to promote a culture reflective of the company's guiding principles, core values, and vision.

Has direct authority over the Grocery Manager, Scan Analyst, DSD receiver, Frozen and Dairy, and HBC associates. Has indirect authority over all store associates and is responsible for the entire operation of the store when Manager on Duty.
Requirements Planning and Setting Expectations — Support the Store Manager in planning activities required to ensure that all key elements of the Brand Position and Standard Practices are understood and delivered. Communicates the Brand Position and sets expectations in an upbeat and optimistic manner to associates in their functional area and across the store when appropriate. Supports the Store Manager in proactively applying effective change management principles and practices. Uses the most current tools and resources to identify opportunities to increase sales and profit; works with the Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager(s) and Department Heads to develop and execute action plans. With the Store Leadership Team, reviews financial and operating results to determine where the store stands relative to budgeted sales, expenses, and payroll; shares results with associates. Works with the Store Leadership Team and direct reports to review Concept Renewal Team (CRT) and Store Communications Center (SCC) directives and implement merchandising plans for the store. Communicates and coordinates with the Store Leadership Team to provide feedback from the store. Assists in weekly staff meetings to bring alignment to the Brand Position. Ensures that staffing schedules across departments meet the business needs.

Concept Implementation and Store Review — Support the Store Manager in ensuring consistent delivery of Brand Position, store conditions, customer service and satisfaction, product quality, freshness, availability, variety, and execution of all policies and procedures. In the course of interactions with customer and associates, and “store walks,” ensure Brand Position elements and Standard Practice guidelines are effectively implemented within the dry departments and across the store as appropriate.
Perform responsibilities of the Manager on Duty (MOD). Perform Standard Practice Review to ensure proper execution of policies and procedures within the dry departments. Works with the Store Manager and store associates to identify barriers to the successful implementation of the Brand Position and utilize Standard Practices to identify the root cause of issues and inefficiencies; contributes feedback to the CRT and ensures the store team and direct reports develop sound plans for resolution. Promotes confident and effective use of retail technology by associates and customers.

Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, and Health & Beauty Care Department Management — The activities required to manage the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, DSD receiver and HBC departments:

Ordering, Stocking, and Pricing
Ensure that accurate orders are placed, and Grocery, Frozen, and Dairy associates and HBC Clerk are properly trained. Implement systems to support Brand Position with respect to out of stock on MVP and Ad items. Ensures proper vendor check-in. Holds the Scan Analyst accountable for all scan functions.

Works with the Store Manager to review Concept Renewal Merchandising Team and Store Communications Center (SCC) directives and implement merchandising plans. Manages the process for building effective displays and provides guidance to associates to ensure standards for building displays and promotional areas are followed. Ensures aisle conditions and presentation are maintained. Ensures addition and deletion standards are followed, including shelf allocation for new items and space reallocation of deleted items.

Managing the Economics of the Concept — Supports the Store Manager in pursuing activities necessary to evaluate and respond to the economic performance of the new Concept. Understands the P&L and related economics of the new Concept. Monitors sales, labor, shrink and other key controllable expenses. While performing as MOD, ensures that order and security controls are in place, consistent with standard practices. Partners with the Asset Manager. Conducts enforcement activities when violations occur. Ensures proper inventory preparation and accurate inventory counts including item reclaim process and credits. Accountable for achieving shrink goals in the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, and HBC departments. Provides coaching for associates to recognize and prevent losses. Holds Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, and HBC associates accountable for inventory control; ensures that associates in these departments have the tools and knowledge to utilize reports and track shrink.

Talent Planning and Development — formal and informal talent management, development planning, and performance management activities required to ensure that associates are performing to their potential, delivering the Brand Position and developing the skills necessary for future opportunities. Assists the Store Manager with the identification of staffing needs; participates in the interviewing, selection, and training processes for associates in the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, HBC, and other departments. Has the accountability for: training associates in their functional area, and across the store for motivation and retention; promoting store morale, creating an environment that supports the Brand Position and coaching direct reports to utilize people management practices that minimize voluntary turnover of associates. Trains and develops dry department associates to review financial and operating reports to continuously improve results and to ensure that day-to-day operations of the entire store comply with the Brand Position and standard practices. Evaluates associates; provides ongoing feedback and conducts performance appraisals for direct reports; ensures Grocery Manager has the tools and ability to conduct performance appraisals and provide feedback to their direct reports. Constantly interacts with associates; ensures all associates understand the Brand Position and have the tools and training to be successful. Focuses on self-development as well as staff-development activities (e.g., working with the Store Manager to create and implement self-development action plans).

Periodically visits competitors’ stores with the Store Manager within the surrounding market area to stay abreast of product and price offerings. Implements community outreach programs (e.g., adopting a school). Performs other non-recurring duties as assigned, including occasional lifting up to 70 pounds.

Reports to the Store Manager. Partners with other Assistant Store Manager to ensure coordinated efforts. Interacts with the Reclaim Center and other SSC functions. Interacts with all store associates to ensure product/service total quality. Interacts with customers to ensure satisfaction.
Interacts with government entities (e.g., local police, fire, and health departments). Interacts with vendors to ensure proper check-in, inventory tracking, payment, and coordination. Interacts with other store management in other area stores to share learnings and best practices.

Occasionally performs technical reviews in other departments to develop and coach staff (i.e., “teach in the moment”). Required to adapt schedule to meet the needs of the business. May be required to travel to conduct or attend training and meetings, or conduct store business (e.g., banking and competitor visits).

The Assistant Store Manager is accountable for achieving:
Budgeted financial results for the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, and HBC departments (e.g., sales, profitability, and wage percent). Operating Results for the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, and HBC departments (e.g., audit results, store conditions, customer service). Staff management and development in the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, and HBC departments (including managing turnover and diversity).

Team Leadership
People Management
Results Orientation
Planning, Analytical Thinking, and Problem Solving
Cross-Organizational Collaboration
Decision Making
Flexibility and Leading Change
Broad Operational Knowledge
Customer Orientation
Market Knowledge
Asset Utilization and Cost Control
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