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Job Number 14-014946
Post Date 05/01/2014
Job Title Assistant Store Manager Trainee - Food Lion
Positions Available 1
Operating Company Food Lion
Full/Part Time Status Full-Time
FLSA Status Salary Non-Exempt
Location Store #01251 -- BEAUFORT
Address 1901 LIVE OAK ST.
State NC
Description NOTE: Customer Support Center Administrative Use Only. Used for Renewal Training Purposes. This position is Salaried Non-Exempt.

Title: Assistant Store Manager Trainee

Job Duties:
Accountable for the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, and Health & Beauty Care (HBC) Departments in a store. Serves as Manager on duty, performing all of the responsibilities of the Store Manager when he or she is not present. Responsible for assisting the Store Manager with the day-to-day operations of the entire store. Serves as a model for customer service and other vital behaviors and instills this value in all associates. Manages and develops associates to ensure adherence to Standard Practices. Provides leadership and motivation within the store, to promote a culture reflective of Food Lion’s Guiding Principles, Core Values, and Vision.
Maximize sales through excellent customer service and minimize shrink through proper utilization of Standard Practices. Has direct authority over the Grocery Sales Manager, HBC Associates and Frozen Food/Dairy Associates. Has indirect authority over all store associates and is responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the store in the absence of the Store Manager.
Requirements The activities required to manage the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, and HBC Departments include: Ordering, Stocking, and Pricing. Places orders and holds the Grocery, Frozen, and Dairy Sales Manager and HBC clerk accountable for proper ordering; ensures they are trained to: Use the Telxon machine to print a list of the items that have been ordered and visually check product levels in the aisles to ensure that sufficient quantities have been ordered. Manage back-stock and force-outs. Ensures appropriate ordering of special items (i.e. ad items, MVP items and promotional items). Ensures proper vendor check-in. Ensures an adequate grocery schedule is executed each week to cover business needs. Trains and develops the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, and HBC Sales Managers and Clerks to be self-sufficient and achieve productivity expectations. Ensures that Stockers understand their role (e.g. what to do when a truck arrives, how to stock the shelves, and what to do with re-claim and back stock) and holds them accountable for performing according to Standard Practices. Merchandising: Works with the Store Manager to review Store Communications Center (SCC) directives and implement merchandising plans. Builds displays and manages other associates to ensure standards for building displays are followed. Ensures aisle conditions and presentation are maintained. Ensures addition and deletion standards are followed, including shelf allocation for new items and space reallocation of deleted items. Ensures additional end, wing, and/or aisle stacks are built and signed to accommodate MVP Bonus Buys and hot-selling items. Protecting Assets: Accountable for profitability and achieving shrink goals in the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, and HBC Departments.
Monitors shrink and ensures that inventory and moneys are accounted for; provides coaching for associates to recognize and prevent losses. Oversees the item reclaim process and ensures credits have been received. Holds Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, and HBC associates accountable for inventory control and ensures that managers of these departments have the tools and knowledge to utilize reports and track shrink.

Operational Management Support — the activities required to assist the Store Manager with the day-to-day operations of the store to achieve storewide results: Routinely serves as Manager on Duty, managing the entire store in place of the Store Manager, including: Ensures store conditions, customer service and satisfaction, product quality, freshness, availability, variety, and execution of all policies and procedures. Ensuring execution of Food Lion standards for safety, health, security, cleanliness, sanitation, and dress code; ensures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Conducting enforcement activities when violations occur. Constantly interacting with customers and ensures that they are welcomed to the store, experience good store conditions, are able to find what they need, check out in a reasonable time and receive a greeting from every associate they come into contact with. Ensuring that order and security controls are in place and are consistent with Standard Practices. Counting the safe and verifying deposits to ensure that moneys are accounted for. Assists the Store Manager with: Using the most current tools and resources to identify opportunities and develop action plans to increase sales and profit. Identifying the root causes of issues and inefficiencies; ensuring that associates develop sound plans for resolution. Ensuring that staffing schedules across departments meet the business needs. Ensuring that SSC functions receive feedback from the store. Communicating and coordinating across area stores to share learnings. Ensuring proper inventory preparation and accurate counts.

People Management and Development — the formal and informal talent management, development planning, and performance management activities required to ensure that associates are performing to their potential and developing the skills necessary for future promotion. Assists the Store Manager with the identification of staffing needs; participates in the interviewing, selection, and training processes for associates in the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, HBC and other departments as needed. Has the ultimate accountability for training Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, HBC and other departments. Assists the Store Manager with training Department Heads to utilize the available financial and operational tools to aid in running their departments, identify opportunities to increase sales, focus on customers needs, select qualified candidates to meet staffing needs, and train and evaluate associates. Constantly interacts with associates; ensures associates understand Food Lion’s expectations and have the tools and training to be successful. Focuses on self-development as well as staff-development activities (e.g. working with the Store Manager to create and implement self-development action plans).

Other Activities: Periodically visits competitors’ stores with the Store Manager to stay abreast of product and price offerings. Implements community outreach programs (e.g. adopting a school). Performs other nonrecurring duties as assigned.

Interdependencies and Reporting Relationships: Reports to the Store Manager. Partners with other Assistant Store Manager(s) in the store to ensure coordinated efforts. Interacts with the Reclaim Center and other SSC functions. Interacts with all store associates to ensure total quality of products and services. Interacts with Food Lion customers to ensure satisfaction. Interacts with government entities (e.g. local police, fire, and health departments). Interacts with the Vendors to ensure proper check-in, inventory tracking, payment, and coordination. Interacts with other store management in other Area stores to share learnings and best practices.

Work Environment: Performs technical reviews in other departments to develop and coach staff (i.e. teach in the moment). Adapts schedule to meet the needs of the business. Travels to conduct or attend training and meetings, or conduct store business (e.g. banking and competitor visits).

Key Accountabilities and Success Measures: The Assistant Store Manager is accountable for achieving: Budgeted financial results for the Grocery, Scanning, DSD, Frozen, Dairy and HBC Departments (e.g. sales, profitability, and wage percent). Operating Results for the Grocery, Dairy and HBC Departments (e.g. audit results, store conditions, customer service). Staff management and development in the Grocery, Frozen, Dairy and HBC Departments including managing turnover and diversity.

Competencies Required: Team Leadership, People Management, Communication, Results Oriented, Planning, Analytical Thinking, and Problem Solving, Cross-Organizational Coordination, Decision Making, Flexibility and Leading Change, Broad Operational Knowledge, Customer Oriented, Market Knowledge, Asset Utilization and Cost Control.
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