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Job Details

Job Number 12-039800
Post Date 11/30/2012
Job Title HPCD Store Manager - Bottom Dollar Food
Positions Available 3
Operating Company Bottom Dollar Food
Full/Part Time Status Full-Time
Location Customer Support Center - Salisbury, NC
Address Customer Support Center
City Philly West District
State PA
Description Job Title: HPCD Store Manager
Job Location: Philly West District

This posting is specifically for associates that are performing at a high level (Meeting or Exceeding Expectations) in their current position and are ready to train for a position of increased responsibility. Candidates that are selected for the High Performance Career Development (HPCD) program will be provided with concentrated structured training time (10-15 hours plus per week) for a determined period of time. The training program is designed for highly motivated individuals that will take control of their development with little to no follow-up.
It is highly recommended that all interested associates have a conversation with their direct manager about the role prior to applying to this posting.

Applicants must email their Retail Talent Development Specialist their answers to the questions below. Their email address can be found on the flyer that listed the available positions.

(1)Describe your performance in your current role?

(2)Tell us why you should be chosen for the HPCD program?

(3)How will you make a difference in your department/store after completion of the HPCD program?
(4)What is your current position and store number?
(5)How far are you willing to travel for training and/or promotions?
 This description is intended to outline the behavioral and technical expectations associated with the position of Store Manager at Bottom Dollar. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, and daily responsibilities of the Store Manager.
Job Objective
 Responsible for achieving budgeted financial and operating results for an assigned Bottom Dollar Food store. Maximizes store sales and profitability by ensuring the execution of promotional and merchandising programs in accordance with Customer Support Center (CSC) plans. Develops a store management team to ensure consistent execution of Standard Practices and other policies and procedures. Serves as a model for customer service and other vital behaviors and instills this value in all associates. Creates an environment for continual learning and encourages an open dialogue among associates. Provides leadership and motivation within the store to promote a culture reflective of Bottom Dollar Food brand attributes.
 Manages the operation of assigned store. Directly responsible for supervision of Front End Manager, Fresh Manager and Dry Manager. Indirectly responsible for providing direction and instruction to all other associates of assigned store.
Position Vision
 Oversees the operation of one store. Responsible for delivering brand position to associates and customers.
 Naturally likes to focus on people, activities for development and excellence in performance. Has direct responsibility for management team and functional authority for all store associates.
 Energy and attention are directed into actionable steps that lead to successful resolutions. Works with direct reports to develop and execute action plans.
 Information is digested by seeing the big picture, focusing on the relationships and connection between facts.
 Excellent at understanding trends and are especially attuned to seeing possibilities.
 Ensures consistent deliver of price perception, product quality and freshness that mirrors the Customer Proposition Statement.
 Values looking at the logical consequences of a choice or action, but able to remove themselves from the situation and examine the pros and cons objectively.
 Energized by critiquing and analyzing to identify what’s wrong with something so they can solve the problem.
 Provides the leadership to deliver financial expectations and is driven by efficiency and removing unnecessary cost from the process. Has led total stores/departments to financial success.
 Flexible, seeking to experience and understand the brand and preferring to stay open to new information and last minute options. Seeks and provides feedback on the performance of their store to associates, senior management, customers, and vendor partners.
 Energy is drawn by leveraging their resourcefulness in adapting to the demands of the moment.
Reporting Function
 Reports to the District Manager.
Duties and Responsibilities
 The following activities are required of the Store Manager to ensure that all critical operations within a store are prioritized and performed efficiently and effectively:
• Reviews financial and operating results to determine where the store stands relative to budgeted sales, expenses, and payroll; shares results with associates.
• Uses the most current tools and resources to identify opportunities to increase sales and profit; works with Management staff (FEM, DM and FM) to develop action plans; presents recommendations to the District Manager when appropriate.
• Works with direct reports to review Store Communications Center (SCC) and/or Bottom Dollar Food Support Staff directives and implement merchandising plans for the store.
• Communicates and coordinates with the District Manager and Customer Support Center (CSC) and/or Bottom Dollar Food Support Staff functions to provide feedback from the store.
• Communicates and coordinates across the District to share learnings with other stores.
• Continually review Standard Practices to ensure proper Standard Practice execution.
Brand Review
 The Brand Review entails formal “store walks” that are required to ensure optimum store conditions, customer service and satisfaction, product quality, freshness, availability, variety and execution of all Standard Practices. During a store review the Store Manager does the following:
• Conducts formal “store walks” at scheduled times and completes documentation in accordance with Standard Practice guidelines.
• Ensures that MOD’s are also properly trained to conduct the store walk process and identify items for correction.
• Periodically conducts Operations Assessment Review with District Manager, MOD’s, and/or other members of Store Operations management to review checklists and ensure proper execution of Standard Practices.
• Works with store associates to identify the root causes of issues and inefficiencies; ensures that direct reports develop sound plans for resolution.
Associate Management and Development
 Associate Management and Development is both the formal and informal talent management, development planning and performance management activities required to ensure that associates are performing to their potential and developing the skills necessary for future promotion. The Store Manager performs the following people management and development tasks:
• Assesses staffing needs; interviews and selects store management and ensures store management is able to identify and select qualified candidates to meet their staffing needs; coordinates with the District Manager as necessary.
• Has the ultimate accountability for associate retention; promotes store morale and coaches direct reports to utilize people management practices that minimize voluntary turnover of associates.
• Trains and develops store management and other associates to review financial and operating reports to continuously improve results and to ensure that day-to-day operations of the entire store comply with Bottom Dollar Food policies.
• Develops talent in the context of broader and longer term Bottom Dollar Food needs.
• Evaluates associates; provides ongoing feedback and conducts formal performance appraisals for direct reports; ensures store management has the tools and ability to conduct formal performance appraisals and provide informal feedback to their direct reports.
• Constantly interacts with associates; ensures all associates understand Bottom Dollar Food’s expectations and have the tools and training to be successful.
• Focuses on self-development as well as staff-development activities (e.g. working with the District Manager to create and implement self-development action plans).
Customer Service
 Customer Service activities required of the Store Manager to ensure that customers have a positive experience are as follows:
• Ensures that customers are welcomed to the store, experience good store conditions, are able to find what they need, check out in a reasonable time frame and receive a greeting from each and every associate they come into contact with.
• Constantly interacts with customers; remains highly visible.
Protecting Assets
 The Store Manager’s responsibilities include controlling shrink, monitoring internal and external controls and protecting assets of Bottom Dollar Food while improving sales and maximizing the company’s cash flow. To protect Bottom Dollar Food assets, the Store Manager does the following:
• Monitors shrink and ensures that moneys are accounted for properly.
• Has a full understanding of ACIS.
• Accountable for store profitability and achieving shrink goals.
• Ensures that order and security controls are in place, consistent with standard practices
• Maintains security standards while in charge of store (i.e. key and security controls).
• Conducts enforcement activities when violations occur.
• Ensures proper inventory preparation and accurate inventory counts.
• Conducts Fresh Inventory with Fresh Manager.
• Observes and corrects all unsafe conditions that could cause associate or customer accidents (e.g. broken equipment or fixtures, cases stacked improperly, refrigeration cases leaking, etc.).
• Records and reports all associate and customer accidents in accordance with established Bottom Dollar Food procedures.
• Adheres to all company guidelines, policies and standard practices.
• Has a full understanding of Food Safety, Physical Safety and Pest Control policies and guidelines.
Other Activities
 The Store Manager also performs the following tasks:
• Visits competitors’ stores to stay abreast of product and price offerings.
• Implements community outreach programs (e.g. adopting a school).
• Performs other nonrecurring duties as assigned, including occasional lifting up to 70 pounds.
• Interacts with government entities (e.g. local police, fire, and health departments).
• Partners with vendors to ensure mutual needs are met.
• Interacts with store management in other District stores to share learnings and best practices.
Work Environment
 The Store Manager’s work environment sometimes changes in the following ways:
• Performs technical reviews and periodically spends time in departments to develop and coach staff (i.e. “teach in the moment”).
• Adapts schedule to meet the needs of the business.
• Travels to conduct or attend training and meetings, or conduct store business (e.g. banking and competitor visits) as required.
Key Accountabilities and Success Measures
 The Store Manager is accountable for achieving the following:
• Budgeted financial results for the Store (e.g. sales, profitability, and wage percent).
• Operating Results (e.g. audit results, store conditions, customer service, inventory management and shrink control).
• Staff management and development, including managing turnover and diversity.
Requirements Job Requirements:

 Minimum 2 years Total Store Operations/BLTC Graduate
 Ability to work weekends and evenings
 Entrepreneurially driven
 Sociable and expressive
 Have broad interests
 Imaginative and verbally creative
 Oriented to future possibilities
 Analytical
 Spontaneous, Adaptable, changes course easily
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