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Job Number 12-039804
Post Date 11/30/2012
Job Title HPCD Account Analyst - Bottom Dollar Food
Positions Available 3
Operating Company Bottom Dollar Food
Full/Part Time Status Full-Time
FLSA Status Non-Exempt (Hourly)
Location Customer Support Center - Salisbury, NC
Address Customer Support Center
City Philly West District
State PA
Description Job Title: HPCD Account Analyst
Job Location: Philly West District

This posting is specifically for associates that are performing at a high level (Meeting or Exceeding Requirements) in their current position and are ready to train for a position of increased responsibility. Candidates that are selected for the High Performance Career Development (HPCD) program will be provided with concentrated structured training time (10-15 hours plus per week) for a determined period of time. The training program is designed for highly motivated individuals that will take control of their development with little to no follow-up.

It is highly recommended that all interested associates have a conversation with their direct manager about the role prior to applying to this posting.

Applicants must email their Retail Talent Development Specialist their answers to the questions below. Their email address can be found on the flyer that listed the available positions.

(1)Describe your performance in your current role?

(2)Tell us why you should be chosen for the HPCD program?

(3)How will you make a difference in your department/store after completion of the HPCD program?
(4)What is your current position and store number?
(5) How far are you willing to travel for training and/or promotions?

 This description is intended to outline the primary responsibilities, general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and competencies of the Account Analyst. The incumbent may be assigned other duties and responsibilities.
Job Objective
 To provide quality customer service to our customers and vendor partners. Proper performance of the duties and responsibilities of this position contributes to and ensures achievement of proper pricing and receiving of DSD (Direct Store Deliveries) product by following standards according to the Grocery Standard Practice Manual, maximizing sales by providing extraordinary customer service and minimizing shrink through proper utilization of Standard Practices.
Position Vision
 Oversees the activities of properly receiving Direct Store Deliveries, managing inventory levels of such vendors and ensuring scanning and price integrity.
 Continually seeks process and efficiency improvements to drive Price positioning while maintaining standards of DSD receiving and pricing integrity.
 Assist Store Manager to drive the financial outcome (Sales, Margin and Profit) as defined by budget or forecast.
 Uses tools and resources available to identify opportunities to increase sales and improve process flows and in-store efficiencies.
 Works with vendors and Store Manager to develop and execute action plans for the DSD process.
 Accountable for proper sequencing of activities aligned with pricing expectations and weekly account maintenance.
 Responsible for delivering on the brand position with vendor community.
Reporting Function
 Reports to the Dry Manager or, in his or her absence, to the Manager on Duty.
Duties and Responsibilities
 The Account Analyst is responsible for proper pricing in the store and performs the following price change duties:
• Replaces tags for each item that changes price in all departments.
• Scans the product or tag for each price change to ensure accuracy.
• Maintains signage for displays during the price change process.
• Makes tag corrections on any item not transmitted according to price changes.
• Pull tags and hangs closeouts for items deleted.
• Verifies prices and tags for 1/26th shelf check of the store each week, using the wireless hand held unit, according to the schedule supplied by the Customer Support Center and corrects any differences.
• Orders and maintains all Warehouse and DSD replacement shelf tags on a weekly basis.
• Maintains tags for new items and ensures that the items scan correctly.
• Communicates prices not transmitted correctly or any “not on files” to the Customer Support Center.
• Performs price related duties as the Dry Manager or Store Manager instructs.
• Completes the Account Analyst Computer Based Training course.
• Prints and follows the Account Analyst Checklists daily.
• Protects company assets through the proper and accurate receipt and return of DSD product within assigned store.
• Ensures correct counts are recorded, which involves comparing, identifying/verifying information such as counts, weights, or measures of “actual” product being received or returned against vendor Delivery or Return invoice, being sure to mark any differences.
• Demonstrates and executes proper vendor receiving policies established by Bottom Dollar Food. Follows company policy and standard practice when handling DSD deliveries or pickups.
• Work with vendors to resolve vendor errors, policy violations or excessive inventory, etc.
• Engages and interacts with customers to create a positive shopping experience.
• Being continually committed to and assisting in achieving the store’s shrink budget.
• Control shrink and eliminate poor deliveries by ensuring vendors comply with Bottom Dollar’s vendor receiving policies.
• Maintain proper pricing standards based on DSD invoices.
• Use item movement to monitor inventory levels and control backroom vendor product inventory levels.
• Work with the Assistant Store Manager to ensure timely promotions by all vendors.
• Ensure Category Merchandising notes are implemented each week by noon on Wednesday.
• Participate in the weekly store business meeting.
• Receive beer and wine accurately and make sure beer and wine checks and invoices are accurate. Scans beer and wine into system with wireless hand held unit.
• Verify that DSD plan-o-grams are accurate.
• Comply with scheduling and policy standards.
• Examine incoming and outgoing product, decline damaged items and record shortages.
• Account for daily and weekly DSD tickets and Beer and Wine invoices and properly file them.
• Check EDI invoices on computer to ensure there are no outstanding invoices.
• Maintain a vendor error log and report electronically.
• Maintain cleanliness in vendor sections by ensuring vendors are completing all cleaning and product rotation on a daily/weekly basis.
• Provide courteous service to vendors and customers.
• Ensure only authorized products are brought into the store.
• Handle all reclaim and damages on a daily basis.
• Follow backdoor receiving functions:
- Maintain proper key and alarm control.
• Engages and interacts with customers to create a positive shopping experience.
• Finds more efficient ways to do the job and seeks to reduce costs and improve labor productivity.
• Observes and corrects all unsafe conditions that could cause associate or customer accidents (e.g. broken equipment or fixtures, cases stacked improperly, refrigeration cases leaking, etc.).
• Maintains a neat and clean appearance according to the Food Lion dress code.
• Adheres to all company guidelines, policies and standard practices.
• Continually review current Standard Practices to ensure proper Standard Practice execution.
Requirements Job Requirements:

The Scan Analyst must possess the following competencies:

• Ability to reach, bend, stoop and lift up to 60 lbs.
• Ability to manipulate small objects.
• Ability to complete necessary paperwork.
• Ability to meet production standards established by Bottom Dollar Food.
• Ability to access and use the In-Store Computer, scanning system and wireless hand held unit.
• Ability to understand pricing structures and UPC/GTIN codes.
• Ability to use and apply basic math skills.
• Maturity and willingness to work with vendors to resolve DSD receiving concerns.
• Ability to read, write and perform basic math.
• Ability to analyze situations, identify problems, implement solutions and handle conflict.
• Ability to effectively communicate with vendors, customers and associates.
• Ability to perform mulitple tasks.
• Ability to complete Computer Based Training (CBT) and Traning Aid courses.
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