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Job Number 12-039803
Post Date 11/30/2012
Job Title HPCD Front End Manager - Bottom Dollar Food
Positions Available 3
Operating Company Bottom Dollar Food
Full/Part Time Status Full-Time
Location Customer Support Center
Address Customer Support Center
City Philly West District
State PA
Description Job Title: HPCD Front End Manager
Job Location: Philly West District

This posting is specifically for associates that are performing at a high level (Meeting or Exceeding Requirements) in their current position and are ready to train for a position of increased responsibility. Candidates that are selected for the High Performance Career Development (HPCD) program will be provided with concentrated structured training time (10-15 hours plus per week) for a determined period of time. The training program is designed for highly motivated individuals that will take control of their development with little to no follow-up.

It is highly recommended that all interested associates have a conversation with their direct manager about the role prior to applying to this posting

Applicants must email their Retail Talent Development Specialist their answers to the questions below. Their email address can be found on the flyer that listed the available positions.

(1)Describe your performance in your current role?

(2)Tell us why you should be chosen for the HPCD program?

(3)How will you make a difference in your department/store after completion of the HPCD program?
(4)What is your current position and store number?
(5)How far are you willing to travel for training and/or promotions?

 This description is intended to outline the behavioral and technical expectations associated with the position of the Front End Manager at Bottom Dollar. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, and daily responsibilities of the Front End Manager.
Job Objective
 Responsible for achieving and maintaining extraordinary customer service by managing customer service to build sales and achieve business goals. Promotes an environment that produces high levels of customer and associate satisfaction and morale while operating the Front End according to Front End Standard Practice and in compliance of policies, security measures and regulations of Bottom Dollar Food. Maximize sales by providing lighthearted and energetic customer service. Minimize shrink through proper utilization of Standard Practices. Serve as a role model for customer service and instill these behaviors in all associates.
 Assist other store management to ensure Bottom Dollar Food customer service standards are met and operating the total store in compliance with the policies, standards, measures and regulations of Bottom Dollar Food in the absence of other store management personnel.

Position Vision
 Oversees the activities of the Front End. Responsible for delivering brand position to associates and customers.
 Naturally likes to focus on people, activities for development and excellence in performance. Has direct responsibility for Front End associates and functional authority for all store associates.
 Energy and attention are directed into actionable steps that lead to successful resolutions. Works with Store Manager and management team to develop and execute action plans.
 Information is digested by seeing the big picture, focusing on the relationships and connection between facts.
 Excellent at understanding trends and are especially attuned to seeing possibilities.
 Ensures consistent deliver of price perception while maintaining customer service levels as defined by the brand position. Assist Store Manager/MOD with day to day operations.
 Values looking at the logical consequences of a choice or action, but able to remove themselves from the situation and examine the pros and cons objectively.
 Energized by critiquing and analyzing to identify what’s wrong with something so they can solve the problem.
 Provides the leadership to deliver financial expectations and is driven by efficiency and removing unnecessary cost from the process. Has led teams of associates to financial success.
 Flexible, seeking to experience and understand the brand and preferring to stay open to new information and last minute options. Seeks and provides feedback on the performance of their front end associates, total store associates, management, and vendor partners.
 Accountable for all office activities, financial outcomes and the scheduling of front end associates.
 Energy is drawn by leveraging their resourcefulness in adapting to the demands of the moment.

Reporting Function
 Reports to the Store Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities
 The following activities are required of the Front End Manager to ensure that all critical operations within the Front End are prioritized and performed efficiently and effectively:
• Acts as the ambassador of extraordinary customer service for the total store.
• Promotes customer and community good will by treating all associates and customers with fairness, dignity and respect.
• Develops and maintains an inclusive “team” store environment that facilitates communication among all store associates and all customers.
• Engages and interacts with customers to create a positive shopping experience.
• Ensures compliance with local, state and federal regulations as well as Bottom Dollar Food policy and procedure as it relates directly to customer service. Implements and follows up on training necessary to comply with regulations and policy as noted in the Standard Practice Manual.
• Supervise the performance of all duties and responsibilities of all Front End Associates as assigned by management.
• Makes effective and objective decisions regarding task priorities, utilization of supplies, budgets and equipment use and other situations where multiple factors are considered and weighed to maximize performance, productivity and results.
• Protects assets of Bottom Dollar Food while improving sales and maxmizing the company’s cash flow.
• Ability to supervise a fast paced environment and multiple functions for extended periods of time during a scheduled shift.
• Ability to use the In-Store Computer, headquarters applications and IBM systems including but not limited to Windows applications, wireless hand held units and email.
• Ability to analyze situations, identify problems and implement the best solutions.
• Ensures Front End schedule is written to provide extraordinary customer service at all times, especially during peak sales hours, break times, lunches, special events and holidays.
• Maintains an efficient and productive Front End operation.
• Maintains a total understanding of the Front End Standard Practice Manual.
• Has a complete understanding of scheduling, sales, projections, wage percents, interviewing, hiring, training, company information, Front End procedures, Membership Card procedures, Alcohol and Tobacco procedures, Western Union, Money Orders, Coinstar, Lottery and other items deemed necessary to manage Customer Service and Front End operations.
• Ensures the Membership Card program and guidelines are followed including the weekly monitoring of the Navistor.
• Execute promotions from Consumer Relations/Marketing involving Easter Seals, Hunger has a Cure etc.
• Adheres to all company guidelines, policies and standard practices.
• Continually review current Standard Practices to ensure proper Standard Practice execution.
• Understands and follows ACIS guidelines and applications.
• Understands and follows Food Safety guidelines and procedures.

Associate Development
 Associate development is both the formal and informal talent management, development planning and performance management activities required to ensure that associates are performing to their potential and developing the skills necessary for future promotion. The Front End Manager performs the following people management and development tasks:
• Provides recognition of accomplishments and offers constructive counseling when necessary as it relates to achieving extraordinary customer service and building store sales.
• Interviews and hires all Front End associates.
• Personally trains or supervises the training of new Front End associates.
• Ensures that Sales Associates operate registers and serve customers in accordance with established policies and procedures.
• Provides ongoing performance management training and conducts timely formal performance appraisals for direct reports.
• Manages Front End productivity and shrink by reviewing reports such as Navistor, Electronic Journal and Efficiency Report on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
• Maintains an action plan on all associates identified as not meeting the standards of performance or exceeding shrink controls, implements training and accountability as needed.
• Organizes and facilitates the implementation of customer focused events.

Sales Office Responsibility
 The Front End Manager performs the following office tasks in order to maintain Front End integrity and assist the Store Manager with identifying opportunities to increase sales and profits:
• Trains and supervises Front End Sales Assistants.
• Performs management overrides at the register.
• Completes register pick-ups and drops into appropriate safe location and maintains complete cash accountability by adhering to accountability procedures as noted in the Front End Standard Practice Manual.
• Completes training and sign off for Alcohol and Tobacco procedures and policies and maintains an accurate record of associate compliance via LMS.
• Ensures that check cashing policies and procedures are trained and implemented per Standard Practice.

 The Front End Manager performs the following tasks:
• Ensures DVR (Digital Video Recorder) effectiveness and execution.
• Ensures compliance with Bottom Dollar Food directives, established policies and operation procedures.
• Maintains security standards while in charge of store (i.e. key and alarm controls).
• Ensures compliance with state, local and federal regulations.
• Controls store’s expenses through proper ordering, care and control of bags, forms, supplies, nametags, uniforms and equipment.
• Maintains proper knowledge of all Sales Associate functions including voids, check approval, alcohol and tobacco, refunds, overrides, Membership Card, reports, register functions, EBT, EFT and pin pads.
• Maintains all register and Front End equipment and places service calls in an efficient manner which doesn’t stall the execution of extraordinary customer service.
• Ensures compliance with Bottom Dollar Food Safety Standards and In-Store-Computer safety programs.
• Maintains a current record of all associate CBT Training Materials and videos and a complete record of Front End associate compliance.
• Observes and corrects all unsafe conditions that could cause associate or customer accidents (e.g. broken equipment or fixtures, cases stacked improperly, refrigeration cases leaking, etc.).
• Records and reports all associate and customer accidents in accordance with established Bottom Dollar Food procedures.

Other Duties and Responsibilities
 The Front End Manager also performs the following tasks:
• Reads, distributes and follows through on mail as it relates to the Front End Manager.
• Covers the weekly sales ad with all Front End associates and ensures they know where to find all key items, also makes them aware if there are out-of-stock conditions.
• Ensures 100% compliance of associate time records.
• Ensures all associates have a designated time card number and are trained on the punch in and out procedures.
• Maintains the Re-Shop Basket Program.
• Ensures Mart Cart is maintained on a daily basis, including regular cleaning, charging, keys and maintenance.
• Ensures the shopping carts are in good working order.
• Ensures baby seats are well maintained and sanitized daily and replaces seats if deemed unsafe or unsanitary.
• Finds more efficient ways to do the job and always seeks to reduce company costs while identifying opportunities to grow sales and improve associate and customer perception.
• Proper implementation of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning logs and expectations.

Requirements Job Requirements:

 The Front End Manager must possess the following competencies.
• Ability to analyze situations, identify problems and implement solutions.
• Ability to communicate effectively with associates and customers.
• Ability to effectively supervise the work of other associates.
• Ability to meet productivity standards established by Bottom Dollar Food.
• Ability to read, write and perform basic math functions.
• Ability to complete all necessary paperwork.
• Ability to reach, bend, stoop and lift up to 20 pounds.
• Ability to use the In-Store Computer.
• Ability to rotate and organize products, perform job duties as needed and complete all necessary paperwork.
• Must have successfully completed Computer Based Training (CBT) and Training Aid courses.
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