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Job Number 13-000273
Post Date 01/07/2013
Job Title Accountant II- Expense Payables/Real Estate- Delhaize America
Positions Available 1
Operating Company Delhaize America
Full/Part Time Status Full-Time
FLSA Status Exempt (Salary)
Location Store #30151 -- Salisbury
Address 2110 Executive Drive
City Salisbury
State NC
Description Position Title: Account II- Expense Payables/Real Estate
Location: Salisbury, NC

The Accountant II-Real Estate analyst is responsible for all rent, real estate tax, common area maintenance (CAM), and landlord insurance transactions. The real estate tax, cam, and insurance bills are paid through the Virtual Premise portal which feeds into the AP Walker system. The accountant is responsible for verifying that the correct vendor, account, and locations have been charged via the Real Estate Department. The Accountant II–Expense Payables/Real Estate sets up the liability account for the real estate tax, and expenses a portion of the tax bills to the store each period. The Accountant II –Expense Payables/Real Estate maintains this account on a spreadsheet with timely updates. The Accountant II –Expense Payables/Real Estate is responsible for any percentage rent payments due to the landlord based on stores’ sales if applicable and reporting gross sales to the landlords each year, or at any other time, if requested. The Accountant II –Expense Payables/Real Estate works closely with the Real Estate Dept. and the landlords regarding all functions of this job. In addition, the Accountant II-Expense Payables Real Estate is responsible for creating and maintaining all recurring payments requested by all banners. At P&L, the Accountant II –Expense Payables/Real Estate is responsible for answering all questions regarding the rent, real estate tax, cam, insurance, and percentage rent accounts from the landlords and other departments in the company. Also at P&L, the Accountant II –Expense Payables/Real Estate is responsible for making batch card entries to move one months’ rent and cam from the prepaid account to the expense account, to move a portion of the expected real estate taxes and percentage rent due from the liability accounts to expense accounts, and closed store amortization entries to move the rent payment from the prepaid account into the expense and interest accounts for all banners. In addition, batch card entries are made each period for Snow Expense and Realty adjustments from the Hannaford banner. A monthly true-up entry is prepared by the Accountant II for real estate taxes, CAM, and landlord insurance. The Accountant II is responsible for the monthly and quarterly reconciliations of all P&L and balance sheet real estate accounts. The Accountant II-Expense Payables/Real Estate is responsible for keying owned store real estate tax invoices and ensuring necessary documentation is provided with the in-house check. The Accountant II–Expense Payables/Real Estate is required to participate in any special project that may affect the reporting of Expense Payable transactions. This will include procedural changes, system changes and technology changes. A Checklist is prepared monthly and each specialist is required to complete the job duties assigned to ensure that all accounts are being reported in the correct accounting period. These procedures and responsibilities are applied to all corporations under the Delhaize banner. The Accountant II –Expense Payables/Real Estate is a representative of Expense Payables discussions with other Accounting departments as well as other operating areas within the company. The Accountant II –Expense Payables/Real Estate is responsible for conducting business in accordance with Food Lion, LLC’s policies and procedures as well as Accounting Standard Practices.
Requirements Job Requirements:

-Typically has an associate degree (or equivalent experience) with the ability to perform duties as defined in Accounting Standard Practices. Has ability to make decisions on their own without depending on others regarding instruction, guidance, and direction for activities not covered within standard practices. Has ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks with no supervision.

– Has basic understanding of accounting and the impact of departmental transactions to the financial statements. Is proficient in mainframe and PC software applications including MS Office. Has basic analytical skills and pays attention to detail.

– Demonstrates effective verbal, non-verbal, and writing skills. Uses appropriate media to effectively and efficiently exchange information with appropriate audience.

– Uses existing procedures to solve routine issues; applies judgment and discretion within Accounting Standard Practice guidelines to solve non-routine issues. Organizes own work to meet deadlines set by others. Has the ability to analyze account balances and communicate findings to management as appropriate. Determines necessary adjustments and prepares journal entries for supervisor approval. May perform a key control activity that is reviewed by management to ensure the accuracy of financial statements. Assists management with special projects.

- Responds to both routine and non-routine requests from customers, vendors, and management; investigates without assistance from others. Understands relationships between work processes and the business.

1 to 3 years accounting experience
Degree in Accouting or related field (or equivalent experience)
Good understanding of Accounts Payable
Proficient in Walker Webfocus
Team oriented
Motivated self-starter
Budgeting and Forecasting experience

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