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Job Number 13-047214
Post Date 12/18/2013
Job Title HPCD Assistant Store Manager
Positions Available 0
Operating Company Food Lion
Full/Part Time Status Full-Time
FLSA Status Non-Exempt (Hourly)
Location Store #10504 -- Salisbury
Address 2110 Executive Drive
City Greenville
State NC
Description Job Title: HPCD Assistant Store Manager
Job Location:

This posting is specifically for associates that are performing at a high level (Meeting or Exceeding Requirements) in their current position and are ready to train for a position of increased responsibility. Candidates that are selected for the High Performance Career Development (HPCD) program will be provided with concentrated structured training time (20 hours plus per week) for a determined period of time. The training program is designed for highly motivated individuals that will take control of their development with little to no follow-up.

Applicants must email their Retail Talent Development Specialist their answers to the questions below. Their email address can be found on the flyer that listed the available positions.

(1)Describe your performance in your current role?

(2)Tell us why you should be chosen for the HPCD program?

(3)How will you make a difference in your department/store after completion of the HPCD program?

Job Duties:
Accountable for the Grocery, Scanning, DSD, Frozen Food/Dairy and Specialty Merchandise Departments in a store. Serve as Manager on Duty, performing all of the responsibilities of the Store Manager when he or she is not present. Responsible for assisting the Store Manager with the day-to-day operations of the entire store. Serve as a model for customer service and other vital behaviors and instills this value in all associates. Manage and develop associates to ensure adherence to Standard Practices. Provide leadership and motivation within the store to promote a culture reflective of Food Lion’s Guiding Principles, Core Values and Vision. Maximize sales through excellent customer service and minimize shrink through proper utilization of Standard Practices. Directly responsible for supervision of Grocery Sales Manager, Scan Analyst, DSD Receiver, Frozen Food/Dairy Associate, Specialty Merchandise Associate, Grocery Mastery Trainer, Specialty Merchandise Mastery Trainer, Dairy Mastery Trainer, Scan Mastery Trainer and DSD Mastery Trainer. Indirectly responsible for providing direction and instruction to all store associates. Manage operation of assigned store and is responsible for providing direction and instruction to all store associates in the absence of the Store Manager. Hold the Grocery, Frozen Food/Dairy and Specialty Merchandise associates accountable for proper ordering. Train and develop the Grocery, Scanning, DSD, Frozen Food/Dairy and Specialty Merchandise associates to be self-sufficient and achieve productivity expectations. Ensure that Grocery, Scanning, DSD, Frozen Food/Dairy and Specialty Merchandise associates understand their role (e.g. what to do when a truck arrives, how to stock the shelves and what to do with re-claim and back-stock) and hold them accountable for performing according to Standard Practices. Ensure aisle conditions and presentation are maintained. Monitor shrink and ensure that inventory and moneys are accounted for; provides coaching for associates to recognize and prevent losses. Fully understand and utilize Average Cost Inventory System (ACIS). Ensure store conditions, customer service and satisfaction, product quality, freshness, availability, variety and execution of all policies and procedures. Ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Ensure that staffing schedules across departments meet the business needs. Ensure proper inventory preparation and accurate counts. Provide ongoing performance management training and conducts timely formal performance appraisals for direct reports. Interact constantly with associates; ensure associates understand Food Lion’s expectations and have the tools and training to be successful. Adhere to all company guidelines, policies and standard practices. This description is intended to outline the primary responsibilities, general nature and level of work being performed by associate assigned to this position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and competencies.
Requirements Job Requirements:
Team Leadership
People Management
Results Oriented
Planning, Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
Cross-Organizational Collaboration
Decision Making
Flexibility and Leading Change
Broad Operational Knowledge
Customer Oriented
Market Knowledge
Asset Utilization and Cost Control
Ability to rotate and organize products, perform job duties as needed and complete necessary paperwork
Must have successfully completed Computer Based Training (CBT) and Training Aid Courses

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