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Job Details

Job Number 12-039807
Post Date 11/30/2012
Job Title HPCD Fresh Manager - Bottom Dollar Food
Positions Available 3
Operating Company Bottom Dollar Food
Full/Part Time Status Full-Time
FLSA Status Exempt (Salary)
Location Customer Support Center - Salisbury, NC
Address Customer Support Center
City Philly East District
State PA
Description Job Title: HPCD Fresh Manager
Job Location: Philly East District

This posting is specifically for associates that are performing at a high level (Meeting or Exceeding Requirements) in their current position and are ready to train for a position of increased responsibility. Candidates that are selected for the High Performance Career Development (HPCD) program will be provided with concentrated structured training time (10-15 hours plus per week) for a determined period of time. The training program is designed for highly motivated individuals that will take control of their development with little to no follow-up.

It is highly recommended that all interested associates have a conversation with their direct manager about the role prior to applying to this posting.

Applicants must email their Retail Talent Development Specialist their answers to the questions below. Their email address can be found on the flyer that listed the available positions.

(1)Describe your performance in your current role?

(2)Tell us why you should be chosen for the HPCD program?

(3)How will you make a difference in your department/store after completion of the HPCD program?
(4)What is your current position and store number?
(5)How far are you willing to travel for training and/or promotions?

 This description is intended to outline the primary responsibilities, general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and competencies of the Fresh Manager. The incumbent may be assigned other duties and responsibilities.

Job Objective
 Achieve customer satisfaction and desired sales, profits and expenses of the Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery Departments in accordance with the objectives of Bottom Dollar. Responsible for maintaining standards according to the Standard Practice Manual, maximizing sales through excellent customer service and minimizing shrink through proper utilization of Standard Practices. Serve as a role model for customer service and other vital behaviors, and instill this value in all associates. Manages and develops associates to ensure adherence to Standard Practices. Provides leadership and motivation within the store to promote a culture reflective of Bottom Dollar’s Personality Traits (Lighthearted, Candid, Energetic, Pragmatic).
 Assist other store management to ensure Bottom Dollar Food customer service standards are met and operating the total store in compliance with the policies, standards, measures and regulations of Bottom Dollar Food in the absence of other store management personnel.

Position Vision
• Oversees the operation of Produce, Market, and Deli/Bakery. Responsible for delivering brand position to associates and customers through proper ordering, merchandising and scheduling expectations.
• Naturally likes to focus on people, activities for development and excellence in performance. Has direct responsibility for Fresh associates and functional authority for all store associates.
• Energy and attention are directed into actionable steps that lead to successful resolutions. Works with Store Manager, management teams, and direct reports to develop and execute action plans.
• Information is digested by seeing the big picture, focusing on the relationships and connection between facts.
• Excellent at understanding trends and are especially attuned to seeing possibilities.
• Ensures consistent deliver of price perception, product quality, freshness and appropriate product levels that mirror the Customer Proposition Statement. Assist Store Manager/MOD with day to day operations.
• Values looking at the logical consequences of a choice or action, but able to remove themselves from the situation and examine the pros and cons objectively.
• Energized by critiquing and analyzing to identify what’s wrong with something so they can solve the problem.
• Provides the leadership to deliver financial expectations and is driven by efficiency and removing unnecessary cost from the process. Has led total teams to financial success. Understands balance of sales, margin, shrink.
• Flexible, seeking to experience and understand the brand and preferring to stay open to new information and last minute options. Seeks and provides feedback on the performance of their department associates, store associates, management, and vendor partners.
• Energy is drawn by leveraging their resourcefulness in adapting to the demands of the moment.

 Manages operation of Fresh Departments and is responsible for providing direction and instruction to all store associates in the absence of the Store Manager.

Reporting Function
 Reports to the Store Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities
 The Fresh Manager is required to perform the activities necessary to manage the Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery
Ordering, Stocking and Pricing
 The Fresh Manager performs the following stocking, scheduling and pricing tasks: Also is primary order writer in the Produce, market and Deli/Bakery.
• Holds the Produce, Market and Deli associates accountable for proper ordering and inventory controls.
• Ensures the Produce, Market and Deli associates are trained to:
- Visually check product levels in the departments to ensure that sufficient quantities were ordered.
- Manage back-stock and force-outs.
• Ensures appropriate ordering of special items (i.e. ad items, special buy items and promotional items).
• Ensures proper vendor check-in.
• Ensures an adequate Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery schedule is executed each week to cover business needs.
• Maintains daily quality control and conditions of the Fresh Departments (ensures proper rotation, pricing and price changes within Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery Departments)
• Ensures that Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery (e.g. what to do when a truck arrives, how to stock the shelves and what to do with re-claim and back-stock) and holds them accountable for performing according to Standard Practices.
• Prepares Daily Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery records, including Replenishment Guide, Order Guides, Standard Practice Evaluation and ACIS Checklist Reports.
 The Fresh Manager performs the following merchandising tasks:
• Works with the departments associates to review Store Communications Center (SCC) directives and implements merchandising plans.
• Ensures the Fresh Associate builds displays and manages and maintains presentation level maximizing sales and create Great Customer Experiences.
• Implements Plan-o-gram updates and ensures addition and deletion standards are followed, including shelf allocation for new items and space reallocation of deleted items.

Protecting Assets
 The Fresh Manager responsibilities include protecting Bottom Dollar assets while improving sales and maximizing the company’s cash flow. To protect Bottom Dollar assets, the Fresh Manager performs the following tasks:
• Accountable for profitability and achieving shrink goals in the Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery Departments.
• Monitors shrink and ensures that inventory and moneys are accounted for; provides coaching for associates to recognize and prevent losses.
• Fully understands and utilizes ACIS.
• Ensures the DSD Receiver completes the item reclaim process and that credits are received.
• Holds Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery associates accountable for inventory control and ensures that associates of these departments have the tools and knowledge to utilize reports and track shrink.
• Observes and corrects all unsafe conditions that could cause associate or customer accidents (e.g. broken equipment or fixtures, cases stacked improperly, refrigeration cases leaking, etc.).
• Records and reports all associate and customer accidents in accordance with established Bottom Dollar procedures.
• Adheres to all company guidelines, policies and standard practices.
• Understands and follows Food Safety, Physical Safety and Pest Control policies and guidelines.
• Continually review current Standard Practices to ensure proper Standard Practice execution.
Operational Management Support
 The Fresh Manager performs the following Operational Management Support tasks in order to assist the Store Manager with the day-to-day operations of the store:
• Serves routinely as Manager on Duty, managing the entire store in place of the Store Manager.
• Ensures store conditions, customer service and satisfaction, product quality, freshness, availability, variety and execution of all policies and procedures.
• Ensures execution of Bottom Dollar’s standards for safety, health, security, cleanliness, sanitation and dress code.
• Ensures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
• Ensures compliance with Pest Control (Dodson/Orkin) and Health (P&G/Johnson Diversy).
• Conducts enforcement activities when violations occur.
• Interacts with customers and ensures that they are welcomed to the store, experience good store conditions, are able to find what they need, check out in a reasonable time and receive a greeting from every associate they come into contact with.
• Ensures that order and security controls are in place and are consistent with Standard Practices.
• Maintains security standards while in charge of store (i.e. key and alarm controls).
• Assist with safe count when requested to find discrepancies. (Not a daily or weekly duty, of the Fresh Manager.)

Fresh Manager
 The Fresh Manager performs the following management tasks in order to assist the Store Manager with identifying opportunities to increase sales and profits:
• Uses the most current tools and resources to identify opportunities and develop action plans to increase sales and profit.
• Identifies the root causes of issues and inefficiencies; ensuring that associates develop sound plans for resolution in accordance to Standard Practices guide lines.
• Ensures that staffing schedules across departments meet the business needs.
• Ensures that Customer Support Center (CSC) functions receive feedback from the store.
• Communicates and coordinates across area stores to share learnings.
• Ensures proper inventory preparation and accurate counts.
People Management and Development
 The Fresh Manager performs the following people management and development tasks. This is the formal and informal talent management, development planning and performance management activities required to ensure that associates are performing to their potential and developing the skills necessary for future promotion.
• Assists the Store Manager with the identification of staffing needs; participates in the interviewing, selection and training processes for associates in the Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery and other departments as needed.
• Has the ultimate accountability for supervising and training Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery associates. Maintains and oversee’s AssociateTraining Plans and documentation.
• Provides ongoing performance management training and conducts timely formal performance appraisals for direct reports.
• Assists the Store Manager with training associates to utilize the available financial and operational tools to aid in running their departments, identifies opportunities to increase sales, focuses on customer needs, selects qualified candidates to meet staffing needs and trains and evaluates associates.
• Interacts constantly with associates; ensures associates understand Bottom Dollar’s expectations and have the tools and training to be successful.
• Focuses on self-development as well as staff-development activities (e.g. working with the Store Manager to create and implement self-development action plans).
• Frequently makes recommendations as to the hiring, termination, promotion and demotion of associates in Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery and other departments. These recommendations are given particular weight and are regularly followed.

Other Activities
 The Fresh Manager also performs the following tasks:
• Periodically visits competitors’ stores with the Store Manager to stay abreast of product and price offerings.
• Implements community outreach programs (e.g. adopting a school).
• Performs other nonrecurring duties as assigned. including occasional lifting up to 70 pounds and ability to push and pull 2000lbs..

Interdependencies and Reporting Relationships
 The Fresh Manager’s reporting relationships and interdependencies are as follows:
• Reports to the Store Manager.
• Partners with other Manager(s) in the store to ensure coordinated efforts.
• Interacts with the Reclaim Center and other CSC functions.
• Interacts with all store associates to ensure total quality of products and services.
• Interacts with Bottom Dollar customers to ensure satisfaction.
• Interacts with government entities (e.g. local police, fire and health departments).
• Interacts with the DSD Receiver to ensure proper check-in of vendors, inventory tracking, payment and coordination.
• Interacts with other store management in other area stores to share learnings and best practices.

Work Environment
 The Fresh Manager’s work environment sometimes changes in the following ways:
• Performs technical reviews in other departments to develop and coach staff (i.e. teach in the moment).
• Adapts schedule to meet the needs of the business.
• Travels to conduct or attend training and meetings, or conduct store business (e.g. banking and competitor visits) as required.

Key Accountabilities and Success Measures
 The Fresh Manager is accountable for achieving the following:
• Budgeted financial results for the Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery Departments (e.g. sales, profitability and wage percent).
• Operating Results for the Produce, Market and Deli Departments (e.g. audit results, store conditions and customer service).
• Staff management and development in the Produce, Market and Deli/Bakery Departments, including managing turnover and diversity.
Requirements Job Requirements:

 The Fresh Manager must possess the following competencies:
• Team Leadership.
• People Management.
• Communication.
• Results Oriented.
• Planning, Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving.
• Cross-Organizational Coordination.
• Decision Making.
• Flexibility and Leading Change.
• Broad Operational Knowledge.
• Customer Oriented.
• Market Knowledge.
• Asset Utilization and Cost Control.
• Ability to rotate and organize products, perform job duties as needed and complete necessary paperwork.
• Must have successfully completed Computer Based Training (CBT) and Training Aid courses.
• Ability to safely operate all Market department equipment include slicer, grinder, scale, saw, knife, wrapper and cuber.
• Ability to maintain a knife grip inorder to cut primals and subprimals to Standard Practice specifications.
• Ability to reach, stoop, bend and lift up to 70lbs and push or pull 2000lbs.
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